Britney Spears Says Son Jayden Won’t “Get Anything” From Her In Two Years

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Britney Spears Says Son Jayden Won’t “Get Anything” From Her In Two Years

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Britney Spears continues to criticize her 15-year-old son Jayden after publicly discussing their tense relationship in a full interview last week.

In case you missed it, Britney sat with 16-year-old Preston with Jayden sharing with ex-husband Kevin Federline. ITV News On Friday, he revealed about the “time and effort” required to fix a problem between himself and his mom.

For a brief background, Britney and Kevin, separated in 2007, share custody of Jaden and Preston, a year before the controversial guardianship system went into effect. Britney has been providing DJs with $20,000 a month for boys on child support, while also paying for school, insurance and clothing.

In 2018, Kevin upset fans. asked for a raise About these payments from Britney, who was still living under the restraints of legal action.

More recently, the DJ sparked a backlash when she revealed in an interview with Britney about her son’s relationship. daily mail. He claimed that Jayden and Preston were uncomfortable with the singer’s minimally censored nude Instagram photos, suggesting that her father, Jamie Spears, “saved her life” despite numerous accusations that Britney had abused her. .

Kevin also said they “decided” not to go to her and Sam Asgari’s wedding in June while discussing Jaden and Preston’s decision to stop dating Britney. “Her men have decided not to see her now of her,” he said. “It has been several months since they saw her. “She decided not to go to her wedding,” he said.

In an ITV interview last week, Jayden told Britney and Sam that they were “really happy”, but he and Preston said they weren’t comfortable attending the wedding. “I don’t know how things would have ended on good terms if she hadn’t invited the whole family and it was just me and Preston,” he said.

“I think she didn’t show Preston enough and I feel really bad about it,” he said. “This is our safe place now because we both have gone through so much pressure in the past. To deal with all the emotional trauma we’ve been through and to heal our mental state.”

“I just hope she gets better mentally. I want to see her again when she gets better,” he added. He defended Britney’s parents, saying Jamie “doesn’t deserve all the hate they’re getting in the media.” Jayden Said of Grandpa Eun: “I love him with all my heart. He was just trying to be a father.”

Jamie also discussed Britney’s social media posts, suggesting that her content might be of interest. “Her social media helps her… So if that’s what she wants to do, that’s what she wants to do. I wouldn’t hate her,” she said. “At the same time, she has to realize whatever is stopping her from loving her family.”

“It’s like she has to post something on Instagram to get attention,” he said. “This has been going on for years, years, and it’s very likely that this will never stop, but I want her to stop.”

Shortly after Jayden’s bombastic ITV interview went live, Britney shared a lengthy statement on Instagram, urging him and Preston to speak face-to-face.

“I am very sad to hear his cry that I did not live up to his expectations for my mother,” she wrote. “If you can stop for a moment, remember where you came from!!! I want you to look in the mirror and remember… you are my child and you always will!!!”

“There’s nothing I like more than the two of you face-to-face,” she added, before quickly jabting Kevin who “has been out of work for 15 years” and smokes cannabis “every day.”

Britney’s response received a huge amount of positive comments online, and supporters of the pop star praised her for telling the truth.

Now, the singer once again reiterated her dissatisfaction with Jayden when she shared a two-minute audio recording on her Instagram page on Monday.

In a clip that has since been removed from the platform, Britney began: Maybe it’s because I’ve never done it.”

Twitter: @BritneyTheStan

“I’m sure it’s a little different and a little lighter. I’m not responsible for the three 18-wheelers with the touring gear and the thousands of people responsible for the tour,” she said.

“So Jayden, as my family always does, when you undermine my behavior, ‘I hope she gets better. I’ll pray for her” she went on before asking. I kept working so my mom’s attorney’s fees Will I be able to pay off my house and house?

Britney went on to state that Jayden, who will turn 16 in two years, perhaps a week, will no longer receive “nothing” from her when she turns 18.

“Or the reason you guys decided to hate is because it’s actually over after two years and you’ve got nothing?” she asked

Then Britney asked him, claiming he had previously “looked straight up” at Jayden. Or will we just see more?” In her response to that, she said the teenager said to herself, “Mom, it’s going to change.”

“You and your brother always left me at the house two hours early,” said the pop star. “Preston slept, and you played the piano all the time. And if I hadn’t showered you guys with a gift, prepared some amazing food, and didn’t act like a goddamn saint, that still wasn’t enough.”

“I didn’t do anything wrong and I know I’m not perfect. [of] Speak like Paw Paw [Jamie Spears]… ‘I can fix it. Can I see her when she’s well?’ Jayden, it was a miracle that I was able to have a normal conversation when I got out,” she said.

Britney went on to say: “You are like the rest of my family. You loved seeing me in secret. [if] Something’s wrong.”

“I didn’t need a family to hide their poop in the house and whisper in the back. I feel guilty subconsciously because I paid all the damn price in both houses. I needed unconditional love and support.”

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