Britney Spears’ 22-Minute Audio On Oprah And Family

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Britney Spears' 22-Minute Audio On Oprah And Family

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Earlier today, the pop star tweeted a link to a 22-minute audio file from YouTube and then deleted it.

in audio (via billboard), Britney shares her experience of living under a guardianship that has since been disbanded by her father, Jamie Spears.

Britney also claims to have turned down “a lot of money” for exclusive interviews, including an interview with Oprah.

She said at one point, “I don’t get anything from sharing all of this. I’ve been offered to interview Oprah and a lot of people for a lot of money, but that’s crazy. I don’t want that. It is beyond.”

“There were a lot of opportunities, including Oprah and interviews. There were many opportunities to go to the platform and share the hardships and everything that is happening in my mind. I don’t think it has anything to do with getting paid to tell your story. I think it’s kind of stupid.”

Britney recalled how guardianship began when she was 25. “We had a SWAT team at home,” she said. She said. “Three helicopters. I remember my mom’s best friend and two girlfriends slept the night before. They put me on a stretcher. Again, none of that made sense.”

“Literally my level of ‘madness’ was a paparazzi chase. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve done to become famous to this day. I don’t know what makes it so detrimental.”

“I remember my mother sitting on the sofa. ‘I heard today that people are coming here to talk to you. I think I’ll have to go to a hotel or somewhere else.’ I had no idea what she meant. I didn’t believe her. For example, is her lawyer coming to her here? Who is her coming here?”

“Four hours later, over 200 paparazzi were outside our house, holding me on a stretcher through the ambulance window.”

“Now I know this was all by design,” she continued. “The woman introduced the idea. [of a conservatorship] To my father, and my mother actually helped my father make it all happen. It had basically everything. I had no drugs, no alcohol, nothing on my body.”

“It was pure abuse. And I didn’t even share half.”

In fact, Britney said: Many Topics on Guardianship, including the quality of her live performances and her struggle to maintain her public image “because I knew it could hurt me”.

He also told the story of being sent to the facility after his Vegas residency in 2017. And I need treatment… I cried and thought, ‘Why are you guys doing this?’”

Britney also called the #FreeBritney movement “these people [who] was fighting for me on the street” – but she also said her mother and sister”[weren’t] do anything.”

“To me, it was like they secretly and honestly liked me being the bad guy,” she said. , ‘Baby, get in the car, let’s go.’”

“I think that’s what hurt the most. I couldn’t deal with how my family was together for so long.”

“They literally killed me,” she later said about her family’s treatment of her. “They abandoned me. I felt like my family had abandoned me.”

There Many You can read what Britney said. here.

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