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Live from big idea studios in lombard, illinois.big idea productions presents. Close the morning before christmas, and l.a.

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This is a transcript for the veggietales christmas spectacular!.


Big time christmas transcript. (we fade into cavis appythart (bob) and millward phelps (larry) looking at one of their ads for durling's dental wax. Well, the food should be here soon guys. Woody's big christmas) (the camera zooms to andy's house.

This is an album transcript for a very veggie christmas. Fandom apps take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The parentheses ( ) represent stage directions.

Was hoping, and the boys were up early doing last minute shopping. Hi bob, how are you doing? Oh!, hi, kids!, i'm patchy the pirate!, and this is my parrot, potty!

This is an episode transcript for the star of christmas. You can help the parody wiki by expanding it. Great jimmy, how are you?

Ahoy!, hi, kids!, i'm patchy the pirate!, and this my parrot. And now, direct from encino, america's favorite pirate and president of the spongebob squarepants fan club, patchy the pirate.[the exterior of patchy's house is shown. Kluger from the song santa claus is comin' to town.] patchy:

This is the transcript for dorothy the dinosaur's rockin' christmas. Patchy the pirate is driving the truck. This is a transcript for elmo's big christmas adventure.

1 prologue 1.1 greens' house, various 2 part 1 2.1 living room 2.2 kitchen 2.3 bathroom 2.4 big city, various 2.5 hudkins department store, interior 3 part 2 3.1 hudkin's department store, exterior 3.2 green's house, garage 3.3 backyard 3.4 big city park, various 3.5 remington manor, exterior 3.6 big city streets 3.7 outside hudkin's, by the ice rink 4 part 3 4.1 hudkin's disaster site 4.2. Hello, everybody!, elmo's so glad to see you!, today is christmas!, and the sesame street gang and the characters are coming over to celebrate!, yay! Hi, i'm sprinkles, it's nice to see you!

And now!, it's time for spongebob's big christmas adventure!, today, patchy the pirate is gonna tell the kids the story! (logo off, as nezzer, says a veggie's name a clip of them appears) mr. This is a transcript for blue's room:

Oh!, that must be my first guests! This is the episode transcript to the best christmas gift. Our careers are going nowhere, millward.

00:04:21 if it kept being christmas, i just don't know what we'd do. 1, 2 » big time rush. 1 episode starts 2 elmore hospital 3 the watterson home 4 elmore shopping 5 leaving elmore shopping 6 back at the watterson home 7 christmas is cancelled 8 santa's sleigh [the episode begins by showing various elmore citizens in the street celebrating christmas.

While, jingle bells instrumental track is playing in the background. This is a transcript for toy story: 301/302) 1 transcript 1.1 part one 1.1.1 welcome, what's that smell?

This article is a stub. List of episode transcripts this article is a transcript of the spongebob squarepants episode christmas who? from season two, which aired on december 6, 2000. Characters are celebrating the holidays and christmas in my playroom!

This is a transcript for spongebob's big christmas adventure., (spongebob squarepants theme song& title card), narrator: This is a transcript for spongebob's big christmas adventure. Because we're about to pull off a big time christmas miracle.

00:04:14 it sure would, timmy, but your mother and i have to work. 1 transcript 1.1 a letter from a kid 1.2 veggietales theme song 1.3 christmas foods 1.4 why christmas is worth celebrating 1.5 junior shepherd 1.6 wisemen 1.7 let there be joy 1.8 the king is here 1.9 kingdom of god 1.10 o goliath 1.11 what have we learned (larry opens the doors to the backstage of the theater, with shopping bags full. Can i have your attention please?

The unmanned probe guinevere one is about to make it's final descent. (door opens at the sesame street gang) Wouldn't it be great if we could be together like this all the time?

You can help the parody wiki by expanding it. Here's 2nd episode of season 1 from winnie the pooh meets big time rush (tv series). This is a transcript for elmo's big christmas.

This article is a transcript of the spongebob squarepants episode it's a spongebob christmas! from season eight, which aired on december 6, 2012. (opening fanfare, overhead shot of the stage) mr. Cavis is noticeably upset.) millward:

And now!, it's time for elmo's big christmas adventure!, today, hobbydad is gonna tell the hobbykids the story! » transcripts » tv & movie transcripts » b » big time rush a look at life for the members of a boy band who are trying to make it big in the music industry. (the veggietales christmas spectacular logo) mr.

(sesame street theme song& title card), narrator: I bet you're wondering why ol' patchy has. (the disney logo appears) (the pixar animation studios logo appears) (fade in to the text disney presents) (crossfade text a pixar animation studios film) (fade to the titular text filling the whole screen:

And so the pig and the giant lizard brought the boy. 00:04:17 eggnog doesn't buy itself, you know. And now!, it's time for spongebob's big christmas adventure!, today, patchy the pirate are gonna tell the kids a story!, patchy the pirate:

(elmo's world theme song & title card) elmo: This is an episode transcript for the toy that saved christmas. But our work is up over london.

Lolo, i'm transferring you to missile defense. [a mail truck drives through the mountain range. After that, the video title comes up.

Until, closing the curtain, then. Today, me, sprinkles, steve, his friends, and the nick jr. Transcript taken in a berry bear christmas, season 2, episodes 49 and 50, 89th and 90th episode overall.

Fandom apps take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (blue's room theme song & title card) blue: (gasps), hi, you!, it's me, blue!

(spongebob squarepants theme song & title card) narrator: (everyone is talking while bob the tomato is trying to get their attention) bob: (the video starts with some covered all over the wiggles logo on it.

This is the spirit of christmas, birth and rejoicing, and the dawn of a new age, and that is what we're achieving fifteen million miles away. Main this article is a stub. He appears to be parodying s.d.

And hanging the wreath 1.1.2 holidays and a holiday for everyone 1.1.3 meeting santa hogg 1.1.4 it's kwanzaa time 1.1.5 bear's friends plot / first met jack 1.1.6 jack spends some time together 1.1.7. Until, closing the curtain, then, open it transition to their names appears on the screen during the opening sequence. Hector is spraying a large aerosol can over a large house, making fake snow.banana joe and penny both walk across the screen.

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