Ben Affleck Falling Asleep On The Boat In His Dream

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As he did on his honeymoon, Ben Affleck intends to take a dip in the ocean and get some shuteye.

After spending several days in Paris with Jennifer Lopez and their respective children, the actor was spotted napping while on a family-style vacation with them Saturday.

As you can see, BA is able to sink into a deep sleep with his feet up and his head tucked back. The snoring is really audible!

Ben Affleck Falling Asleep during honeymoon

He didn’t try to enter dream state only by curling up in his own knees, as one would do on a bus or plane, by the way. After finding the right place in front of his ship, he had a good time.

There’s no trace of Jen or the kids, which is probably for the best. You can’t wake up Papa Bear while things like these are going on. A guy has to sleep sometimes.

Ben Affleck Falling Asleep in His Boat

Good night, my prince charming.

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