Amandla Stenberg Defended Her DM To NYT Film Critic

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Amandla Stenberg Defended Her DM To NYT Film Critic

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Earlier this month, film critic Lena Wilson wrote: unfavorable evaluation of body body body In the New York Times, she accused independent production company A24 of filming a “splitting ad.”

“What really matters is body body body Apart is the location of the A24 hype machine and doubles as a 95-minute commercial for Split and Charli XCX’s latest single,” she wrote.

Since then, many people who have seen the movie expressed confusion over the line that there is only one scene that comes to mind: Nude Zero, the actors wearing swimsuits at the pool and covering them with gowns as soon as they get out of the water.

The rest of the time the character was wearing a t-shirt and tank top, and one of the movie’s stars, Amandla Stenberg (using her/their pronouns) asked Lena to comment in a private direct message on Instagram.

“The U review was great,” Amandla told critics. “I’d probably have seen the movie if I had taken my eyes off my chest.”

Lena replied: “Hey, Amanda! I’m a big fan of the work in general, but this is definitely something. I wish you all the best in your career and life. good night.”

Then she exploded the actress by posting a DM for her social media followers to see. She shares a screenshot and asks, “Do you think she DMs Alison Willmore, Justin Chang, and Anthony Lane like this on Instagram?”

Lena admitted that Amandla was both part of the LGBTQ+ community, suggesting that Amandla’s remarks were anti-gay.

“It’s always weird when homophobia comes inside the house,” Lena wrote. “But this is something.”

New York Times film critic Lena Wilson shares Amandla Stenberg’s Instagram DM after Wilson’s review of #BodiesBodiesBodies.

Twitter: @PopCrave

Afterwards, Lena posted a TikTok video about the incident and said, “I don’t want this to happen. I am so upset to receive this message in the first place. Even though I was a true ardent fan of her, this person with more social power than me does this. I’m posting this because I don’t want you to think it’s fucking worth it.”

She also explained her accusation that Amandla’s message was against homosexuality: Here’s the video caption:

Then Amandla spoke of the backlash against the Instagram story. They sent the DM as a joke, and she said Lena thought the comment would be fun too.

She also admitted to years of ruthless sex that she faced as a result of having big breasts. Amandla said that, as Lena suggested in her review, wearing a tank top in a movie isn’t the same as showing her cleavage.

Amandla said in the video, “I’m a very naughty girl and I get a lot of comments on the internet for sending me a DM I thought was funny.” Then she described her behind-the-scenes story of the situation and added:[Lena] I described the movie as a ’95-minute split advertisement,’ and it was fun.”

While giggled, Amandla told her followers about the DM she had sent: Because Lena is gay, she thought the comments would be funny to me as well as both of us who are gay. She said she wondered what Lena would say about such remarks, but she said that Lena decided to make it public and she said that neither I nor she was homophobic for such remarks,” she said.

“Why did I say that, and this is my experience as an actor. It’s amazing. …the amount of comments about breasts is too much, and this has been happening since I was a teenager.”

“You could literally wear a t-shirt, and there would be some kind of sexual expression or commentary on the chest because of the size of her breasts,” Amandla explained. “In this movie, I’m wearing a tank top, and I know there’s going to be some cleavage because I have breasts when I wear a tank top. So I knew that most of these comments were directed at me.”

“I think Lena was trying to comment on A24’s sexual objectification of me, my body, exploiting young women, and making their media more famous, and I understand the angle,” she added. “I can say that I wore a tank top in this movie because I and the costume designer thought it suited the character well.”

The 23-year-old actor said, “I’m tired of people talking about my breasts. It doesn’t seem normal to have breasts larger than A or B cups in Hollywood. I actually noticed this when I was an actor. It’s disappointing that there seems to be a lot.”

Then Amandla extended the olive branch to Lena and said: I don’t want you to do any harm. You allow criticism of my work and I can have my criticism of your work and it is OK with me. I wish you all the best.”

She went on to post a screenshot of one of Lena’s tweets, which reads: Random guys on and obviously amandla stenberg: Local Dyke Cannot Stop Talking About Boobies.”

Amandla tried to lighten the mood by joking around. She said, “@hottakelena I’ll change my biography to Local Dyke who can’t stop talking about Boobies. If you like?”

Needless to say, onlookers have been engaged in lively discussions about the situation, and many have agreed that Amandla was right to personally summon Lena because she had sexually objected to her body.

While some argued that it was unprofessional for Amandla to react to negative movie reviews, others admitted that it was reasonable for reviewers to complain about “reducing actresses to breasts.”

“If a girl in a tank top is considered sexual, Lena should stop performing NYT reviewers and write a high school dress code instead,” one person wrote. reddit court.

Another person added that it was Lena who brought Amandla’s message to life, adding, “Even though she’s an anonymous New York-era indie publisher and promotes her private message, Amandla’s claim to ‘social power’ was greater than her. “, he added.

A third person commented, “Neither is it a tweet that obscures Amandla and the ‘random man on’.” “Even if Lena had good intentions, Amandla was upset to think that her body was being discussed. This is very fair as a busty person. Outside of that. It’s strange to draw everything that you don’t want to see.”

“I saw body body body I barely remember, and I don’t even remember seeing, nudes last week. [Amandla’s] chest,” another wrote. “It puts too much weight on the critics. The film is basically in darkness throughout and the characters are covered in mud and blood. so i can see why [Amandla] Annoying.”

Another added: “It’s very strange to accuse black women of being homophobic because they don’t like black women making weird malicious comments about their breasts in movies.” Another person said, “Everyone is different, but I put the reviews to shame whores. But whatever you call reviewers, it’s reducing actresses to breasts, and I think I can see why they reacted.”

On Twitter, one person called Amandla a “very unprofessional response to someone’s criticism” while the other said, “It’s very unprofessional for an average critic to talk about ‘all the divisions’ they’ve seen as if they were taking the movie away.” Or is she acting at all… She mentioned her body first, so Amandla gave me the same energy.”

@TheFallKingXO @PopCrave is a very unprofessional commentator who, in the opinion of a prominent critic, talks about “all divisions” as if they were being taken away or acting in a movie… She first mentioned her body, giving Amandla the same energy.

Twitter: @jimmyasss

Others highlighted Lena’s comment on a TikTok post in which Amandla was not feeling well and suggested she needed help. “I’m not going to check her story, but I hope she gets back soon,” Lena replied to one person who advised him to listen to Amandla.

“I feel like I should be posting this to hold her accountable, but it seems she’s actually going through something like that. I really hope it goes well.” Lena answered someone else.

Lena Comments Screenshot Sharing, 1 person Tweet: “proposal [that] Someone is ‘not feeling well’ because they have the nerve to react to her criticism. It goes beyond unprofessionalism.”

“This is getting worse and worse. In the original review, Amandla articulated a fair criticism of L*na’s fairly callous remarks to make in the first place. It’s crazy to double and assume that Amandla isn’t feeling well,” someone else wrote.

@mwkcaroline It’s getting worse and worse. In the original review, Amandla articulated a fair criticism of L*na’s fairly callous remarks to make in the first place. Doubling and assuming that Amandla isn’t feeling well is really mind-boggling.

Twitter: @mellulaaar

“Amandla is more than okay, ultimately miscommunication, and not a big deal, but in the same week everyone is talking about trauma with a child star and crazy guessing that she’s not mentally healthy? How do you think you got there?” Other Twitter To read.

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