Adele Opens Up About Boyfriend Rich Paul

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Adele Opens Up About Boyfriend Rich Paul

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this week, Adele Cool cover story She opened up about her stage comeback with Elle Magazine, her long-awaited Las Vegas residency, and, most surprisingly, her boyfriend. Rich Paul.

Adele said she had really struggled with her mental health during the early days of the epidemic (which coincided with her breakup with ex-husband Simon Konecki). She said, “It was terrible.” She said. “I flew around this house like a damn wasp.”

She eventually took care of herself, started boxing, received treatment, and was reunited with her estranged father. Adele told Elle that her reconnection “sets me free.”

This rebound led her to fall in love with her former friend, sports agent Rich Paul. She told Elle that she was “ideal” in her love.

You may have seen the two of them at a sporting event. Remember her iconic meme, born in the courtyard she was sitting in?

“I’ve never been in love like this before,” Adele said. I am obsessed with him.”

“Luck is his love for basketball,” said Adele, who said he’s a fan of the Phoenix Suns.

One aspect that fascinated me in the interview is that Adele and Rich are actually moving into a newly renovated home together. There the two will live as a mixed family.

It is clear that Rich has three daughters and Adele has a 9-year-old Angelo.

Adele said Rich makes Elle “feel safe” and “inspires him to live a more protected life more freely.”

When the interviewer asked if he would like to have more children in the future, Adele said, “Yes, of course. I definitely want to have more children. I am a housewife and head of the household, and a stable life helps to make music. . But what I have in my head right now is Las Vegas. It’s just. I want to nail the damn thing.”

And when the interviewer asked Adele if she was engaged, she joked. You might be better off getting married. I’m not engaged. I just love fine jewelry!”

You deserve it, Queen!!!! You can read the whole Elle. here.

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