Actors Who Reunited With Their Child Costars

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Actors Who Reunited With Their Child Costars

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First, the recent Melanie Lynskey exposed She is “still in contact” with two children who played with her children. Sweet Home Alabama In 2002. “They are very cute, very sweet kids,” she said. Melanie “remembers,” recalling filming the film’s iconic “Baby at the Bar” scene. [the scene] It was great because I was either 21 or 22. There were no children at the time, and these five children were arguing. They were so sweet.”


Angela Bassett has been seen a few times in the years since Keke Palmer starred. achilla and bee In fact, Keke and Angela recently reunion Directly after a long time. Keke lovingly called Angela “my mom” and commented on how her internet obsession. Her impressions of Angela.

You can see Keke and Angela’s lovely reunion below.

Keke Palmer reunited with her movie mom Angela Bassett this weekend!! 🙌🏾

@TheShadeRoom/Keke Palmer/via Twitter: @TheShadeRoom


Sofia Vergara is in constant contact with Rico Rodriguez. After co-starring as Gloria and Manny modern family They reunited a few times over 11 seasons, but most recently Rico amazed Sophia in the episode America’s Got Talent. According to Rico, this moment was very special. did not see each other IRL in almost two years.

Below you can see photos of their most recent reunion.

One of the things that made last night special was the fact that you can surprise @SofiaVergara on live TV! Behind the scenes everyone was working hard to keep it a secret and she literally had no idea. Thanks @AGT for the wonderful opportunity for the Modern Family Mini Reunion.

@StarringRico / Via Twitter: @StarringRico


after modern family Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who aired the series finale in 2020, remains in the life of Aubrey Anderson-Emmons. The duo, who appeared as Mitch and Lily, recently reunion When I attended a concert in 2022 Everyone’s talking about Jamie together.

Here’s a reunion photo of the two, captioned by Jesse as “Father Daughter Date Night.”


Catherine O’Hara bumped into Macaulay Culkin a few years ago when the duo attended an art opening. duo who appeared in home alone Together in 1990, at this point we haven’t seen each other in years. “He came out and said ‘Mom!’ and I said ‘Baby!’” Catherine recalled.


William Daniels reunited with Rider Strong, Danielle Fishel and Will Friedle in a recent episode. boy meets the world podcast Ford meets the world. In the episode he story About what it was like to work with them at a young age. “You guys were all young and funny and I was much more serious,” he said. “I was away from you and played in my dressing room while you were pranking for the camera. You guys had the ball.”

Here is a picture of William, Ryder, Daniel, Will, and William’s wife (colleague). boy meets the world costar) Bonnie Bartlett is recording a podcast episode.


Until her death in 2014, Robin Williams was very close to Mara Wilson. Doubtfire Mrs. In tribute to the deceased actor, Mara said that she considers Robin an uncle. Explanation He was “warm, tender, expressive, nurturing, and wonderful.” They met each other for several years for a table reading in the 1998 movie. what dreams will come and while he was filming August Rush In 2007, Mara said she always asked how she was doing.


Jamie Lee Curtis has been reunited with Anna Chlumsky a few times since the duo starred. my woman Jamie and Anna on the 2015 Emmy Red Carpet good time Anna revealed that Jamie “taught me everything I knew.”

Here’s a picture of Jamie hilariously crashing Anna’s Emmys red carpet interview.


Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart continued to keep in touch after they starred as Meg and Sarah in 2002. panic room. Actually Christine tribute Jodie earned her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2016. “She was my first adult friend.” Kristen said. “Out of all the examples I could have of an actor, a female artist, and a character in a production, I had her.”

Jodie and Christine reunite in 2016.


to One Tree Hill podcast drama queens, Hilarie Burton talked about how she kept in touch with Grace Holcomb, who played Jake’s daughter Jenny on the show. The two have reunited several times in various places. One Tree Hill And Hilarie says she followed Grace’s life. she is currently attend I play golf at UNC Greensboro.

Here is Hilari and Grace, reunited with Bryan Greenberg. One Tree Hill 2019 Competitions:


And Antwon Tanner, who played Skills, One Tree Hill, remain close friends with Jackson Brundage, who played Jamie Scott. During episode drama queens podcastAntwon spoke about keeping in touch with himself. One Tree Hill How amazing it is to watch the actors and Jackson grow.

Next is Jackson and Ant-One’s reunion. One Tree Hill 2018 Competition:


Lana Parilla has been in touch with Jared Gilmore over the years. duo starring long long time ago With Regina and Henry Mills. Lana spoke about her relationship with Jared in 2017. said, “I’ve always felt like Jared’s second mother, and I think his mother can prove it too. I’m very close to the people I end up working with.” Then, in 2022, Lana exposed At the fan convention, she and Jared still have a “very special bond” and watching him grow has been a “journey”.


Jon Hamm continued to support Kiernan Shipka after filming ended. Mad Man together in 2015. The duo has reunited several times over the years. Speaking of John in 2022, Kiernan said He was always the “most protective” of her while on set. “He used to say ‘kid on deck’ whenever I was around. That way everyone stopped swearing,” she recalled.

Here is a photo of Jon and Kiernan reuniting at their 20th birthday party in 2019.


Brie Larson stayed in touch with former performer Jacob Tremblay, who appeared as her son in 2015. room. The duo had been together for several years, and Jacob recently Bree’s Podcast learn a lotShe told him he was still “one of the greatest scene partners” of her career.

Here’s a picture of Brie and Jacob talking on the 2021 podcast.


After they starred together as Lucius and Draco Malfoy Harry Potter In the film, Jason Isaacs remains unchanged in Tom Felton’s life. They reunite regularly and recently Harry Potter 20th anniversary reunion special, they talked about their bond with each other and how it felt to meet on set. “I’ve loved Tom since the first time I met him.” said Jason. “He was just the biggest lover.”

The most recent photos of the two reunited at the 2022 fan convention are as follows.


Julie Andrews keep in touch Von Trapp with the kids sound of music. The film, which premiered in 1965, “bonded” the cast and made them a true family. “We keep in touch, but not regularly,” Julie said. “I mean, Christmas, birthdays, and definitely gatherings, but we’re so solid that we feel like a family anyway.”

The rest of the actors who played Von Trapp kids surprised Julie by singing “Do-Re-Mi” at the recent AFI Achievement Awards ceremony. You can see the moment below.

Watch this video on YouTube

TNT / via


Sam Jaeger has since maintained contact with Xolo Maridueña. parenting Solo, who plays Sam’s son Victor in the popular drama series, exposed He and Sam lived close to each other for a long time and would see each other “regularly”. Meanwhile, Solo said after her filming she heard from Erica Christensen, who played her mother. parenting do.


to episode armchair expert 2022, Dax Shepard said he was in frequent contact with Jonah Bobo, who played Danny. Zathura, After filming in 2005. “I kept in touch with her mother because I had such a crush on him,” Dax said. “His shit was great.” Dax recalled visiting Jonah and his family a few times over the years, even after Jonah took a break from acting.


Adam Sandler reconnected with Cole Sprouse in early 2021 when Cole attended the premiere. uncut gem. The duo appeared together. uncle In 1999, Cole shared the role of his brothers Dylan Sprouse and Julian. “We had about an hour and a half. [Uncut Gems] After-party at the premiere uncle And what was filming it for when I was six?” Cole recall.

Here’s Cole and Adam reuniting in 2021.


Naomi Watts has been in close contact since 2012 when Tom Holland starred as mother and son. impossible. “I always knew that Tom would continue to have a pretty good career,” Naomi said. said in 2022. “This kid got his first film, incredibly approachable to emotions, has great training, and I don’t know if that comes from his dancing and athletic background, but he’s got a really good family too.” Naomi and Tom recently reunited When Tom was spotted having lunch with Naomi and her family in 2022.


Jeff Bridges has caught up with Hailee Steinfeld a few times since they starred. actually grit They were together in 2010 when Hailee was only 14 years old. At the time of filming, Haley recall She said, “I cried. [her] Close your eyes on the last day of filming.” She thought she’d never see Jeff or Matt Damon ever again. Hailee said, “They said, ‘Kid, it’s just the beginning.’ You will get tired of us.’” And they seem to have kept their promise.

Here’s a lovely reunion on the red carpet in 2016:


Bonnie Hunt maintained contact with Alyson Stoner and Kevin Schmidt, who played her children Sarah and Henry Baker in 2003. It’s cheaper. Allison and Kevin in 2009 appear On Bonnie’s talk show, and in 2017 the trio posting About eating out together “after a long time”. All three participated. cheaper Virtual reunion in 2020 re-creation Some scenes from the movie.

Here is a picture of the three of them from their 2017 dinner date.


And finally, Bob Saget stayed close to his family until his death. full house children. Latest Jodie Sweetin exposed How Bob Helped Her full house finished. “One of the things I’ve learned from Bob is how to get through the most painful moments of your life now that you have to go through his death and everything,” she said. “It has brought me through so many hours and so many things in my life.”

You can’t fit everyone in one post. What other examples of actors keep in touch with younger actors? Let us know in the comments below!

Which had been a complete talk about Actors Who Reunited With Their Child Costars that one could go through in detail and in full. Ideally this short article will help faithful followers to be able to far better fully grasp and know in full.

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