Absolute Weirdest Things Dr. Oz Does While Buying Crudités

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Absolute Weirdest Things Dr. Oz Does While Buying Crudités

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On April 6, weekly television host and current Republican Senate nominee Dr. Oz shared a 39-second video of him shopping for groceries.

Inflation is damaging American families. Under Joe Biden, gasoline prices are skyrocketing and food prices are rising. We need to stop spending recklessly. This is ridiculous! Thanks, Joe.

Twitter: @DrOz

Dr. Oz’s campaign portrayed him as a person of the people, and nothing speaks of a “person” more than an incredibly mediocre trip to the grocery store!

Now, as election season approaches, the video is back and people are pointing out how bizarre it is.

@DrOz/via Twitter: @umichvoter

So I’m doing myself a catalog of all the weird things Dr. Oz does for science in this clip.


It’s just odd that he’s recording a video of him shopping for groceries for later tweets. And it’s even weirder that someone else took the picture!!!


At 0:02, Oz says, “I’m at Wegner’s.” This is not a real store. Wegman’s and Redner’s are both grocery chains, but are they Wegner’s? i don’t know her


At 0:05, Oz declares, “My wife wants vegetables for Crudite.” It sounds like you’re explaining why you’re filming yourself in Wegner’s films, but you still have a lot of questions.


At 0:08, Oz bends over, picks up a bunch of broccoli with his bare hands, and says, “Here’s the broccoli.” The way you talk is weird and the way you talk is weird!!!


Moments later, he picks up a tiny head of broccoli (not enough for a crocodile) into the camera and complains, “That’s $2. Not even a ton of broccoli.”


Then he says, “Here’s the asparagus. It’s four dollars.” Now Crudite is with Dip raw Vegetables — $4 asparagus is a very bizarre choice.


At 0:15, Oz reached out for a huge bag of full-size (non-baby) carrots and muttered, “Yeah, that’s right, carrots,” and tossed the giant bag about an inch into the air. production in his arms.


He thinks his carrots cost “four more dollars – that’s ten vegetables”. At this point he desperately A basket or cart is required, but goes on without it.


Then he took guacamole in his hand and said: *big sigh* Guacamole.” And that sigh in the middle? How strange!


At 0:29, Oz turns the only salsa jug that hasn’t been pointed at the camera yet. Perhaps they want us to be able to read the giant “FRESH SALSA” next to it. Even if you think viewers can see all the other salsa shelves.


Oz exclaims, “Six dollars?!” As if the high price still puzzles him all the time. By the way, the salsa is $4.99, so I think I misread the price of the bruschetta.


Still trapped by the high salsa/bruschetta prices, Oz joked, “I think I’m running out of salsa.” And as someone who took 4 full classes in Second City, I can say for sure. That’s a very strange joke.


Then Dr. Oz looks at the camera and shouts. “Guys, Crudite is $20…it doesn’t include tequila!”

There’s a lot to unpack in this one sentence, so let’s break it down into bite-sized chunks.


At 0:36 he is as if the President of the United States is responsible for the price of guacamole, or Dr. As if to blame for Oz’s incompetence, he brings everything home with the phrase “We thanked Joe Biden for this”. .

Overall, Dr. Oz did 15 very odd things in 39 seconds and on average did 1 very odd thing every 2.6 seconds. It must be something strange!!!

What do you put on a vegetable plate? Is $4 Guacamole Too Expensive? Does tequila belong near raw asparagus? Let us know in the comments below! 👇

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