35 Hocus Pocus 2 Easter Eggs You Might’ve Missed

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35 Hocus Pocus 2 Easter Eggs You Might've Missed

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If you’re like us, you’ve already seen hawker focus 2 Many times — The long-awaited sequel is an impromptu classic and the perfect Halloween movie for fans of the original and newcomers alike.

Of course, if you are a big fan hawker focus, you obviously nodded more for the delightful callbacks, Easter eggs, and the original movie. Here’s everything you’ve found in one place for nostalgic pleasure.


First of all, the opening sequences of the two films are very similar. Both show an overhead, full-scale view of Salem as if something (or someone) was flying across the screen.


This is a more fun detail than an Easter egg, but the actors who played Young Winnie (Taylor Henderson), Mary (Nina Kitchen) and Sarah (Juju Journey Brener) absolutely nailed it and we need to look at their side. – Side by side with the seniors.


Also, we finally got to see what the lovely and affectionate Billy Butcherson looked like alive.


It turns out that Mother Witch (Hannah Waddington) is the origin of the Sanderson sisters’ “eating the souls of children for eternal youth and beauty.” You can hear her song “Come, Little Children” at the beginning of her film when Sanderson first met her.


Also now that we have seen the mother witch hawker focus 2Going back to the original movie, Dani’s witch costume seems to resemble Mother Witch.


What’s the other major part of that opening encounter? We are back in the book! (Or should I say “BOOOOOOK!”?) As you know, this is the order book of the Winnie and Sanderson sisters. Of course, he becomes an integral part of the entire sequel.


When young Winifred first opens the book, she reads “The Cat Transformation Spell”. This is the spell she ultimately uses on Thackery Binx. hawker focus.


If you look closely, when Becca, Izzy, and Cathy are introduced, they wear colors that reflect the color scheme of the Sanderson sisters.


Now in Salem, the Sanderson Witch Museum (formerly their home) has reopened as the Olde Salem Magic Shop run by Gilbert (Sam Richardson).


Gilbert told the crowd at the store that he swore he had seen the Sanderson sisters on Halloween 29 years ago. Of course, 29 years ago was 1993 and he hawker focus.


Also, Gilbert’s story of the Sanderson sisters hawker focusWhen Max and Allison’s teachers are also telling their stories.


There is a ridiculous moment when a young child asks Gilbert, “What is a virgin?” Whitney Peake (Becca) told EW The child’s mother is actually hawker focus 2 Author Jen D’Angelo makes a cameo appearance.


In fact, Gilbert himself was there in 1993 with Max, Alison and Dani on a night when everything fell apart and saw the Sanderson sisters disappear just before sunrise. If you look closely, you can see the silhouettes of Max, Alison, Dani, and Billy Butcherson in the graveyard scene.


Gilbert also noted that Halloween 1993 wasn’t a good year for him because “the bully stole all his candy.”


When Becca and Izzy spot Cassie on a billboard downtown, you can actually see what looks like Dennison’s house from the original movie behind Cassie in the photo.


When Becca and Izzy first meet the Sanderson sisters, Mary recounts the “boys in us” and the “fake sunrise” that deceived them. This is obviously a callback to what happened to Jay and Ice and Max, Alison and Dani. hawker focus.


When the Sanderson sisters discover Walgreens, they must learn a new mode of transportation. Mary decides to playfully use it. robotic vacuum, while Sarah is in the sweeper. This is a funny recollection of when they used a good old-fashioned 1993-era vacuum cleaner and mop in their first movie.


When Sister Sanderson first walks into Gilbert’s store, Sarah says the rat’s tail is gone. in hawker focusWhen they got home, the first thing she found in the hut was a lucky rat tail.


Sarah confuses Gilbert’s cat, Cobweb, with Thackery Binx and says, “Binx boy, is he alive?” And Winifred swears it’s really Thackery.


At some point, Gilbert suggests that the Sanderson sisters try the calm circles Mary mentioned in the first film.


When Winifred reads the spell, Sarah says it’s not allowed in the sanctuary. hawker focus When Binx told Max, Alison and Dani to hide in the graveyard.


At the town fair, Mayor Traske (Tony Hale) is lining up in front of a couple in devil costumes and gowns and colours. Of course, this is a callback to Garry and Penny Marshall’s cameos in the first movie.


In fact, there are people watching this at the end of the movie. accurate scene hawker focus. what does it mean hawker focus THE MOVIE hawker focus 2 space.


As in the original movie, Sanderson plays a song that enchants the townsfolk. It was originally “I Put A Spell On You”, but this time it was “One Way Or Another”. However, the “spelling” part of the song used the same lyrics. “Ah phi alpha numb upendi.”


When everyone in town dances under the enchantment of the Sanderson sisters, you’ll see someone dressed up as Madonna. this is a nod hawker focus When Dani and Max’s mom also went to Madonna for Halloween.


The girls rely on the salt source as a way to restrain the Sanderson sisters. This is a look at the way Alison handled them in the first movie.


When the Sanderson sisters meet Becca again, Mary doesn’t remember her name and in fact she gives Becca the same nickname she gave to Dani in the original movie.


As Mayor Traske’s car enters the garage, Sanderson mistook the headlights for sunrise. This is a testament to how Max, Alison and Dani tricked their car headlights into believing that they were actually sunrises. hawker focus.


And when she finds out that they are actually cars, Mary says, “Sorry, my mistake. It’s just a tiny bus.” Sanderson learned what a bus was from an iconic scene in the original film.


Sarah Sanderson reuses the fun catchphrase “Amok, Amok, Amok” when her sisters fly out to find the Book in their hut.


Finally got to know more of Billy Butcherson’s backstory. In her original story, her Billy is called her Winnie Fred’s “Unfaithful Lover”, having an affair with her Sarah and poisoning her. But Billy hawker focus 2 To rectify the situation, he said he and Winnie only kissed once. Gilbert promises to reveal this to everyone later.


you may have noticed it hawker focus 2Mary’s mouth left instead Right side. This is not really a continuity error. The reason for the change is that Kathy Najimy literally can’t stand her mouth in the same position anymore.


In fact, Mary’s mouth tilting in the opposite direction is explained at the beginning of the film when Winifred hits Mary during the opening song and her mouth changes direction.


At the end of the movie, Becca, Izzy, and Cassie walk the same way as the Sanderson sisters.


And finally, ICYMI, here’s a post-credits scene that’s potentially even more teasing. hawker focus nice to come

Did you catch another Easter egg or a nice callback? Let us know everything in the comments below!

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