28 Movie And TV Mistakes That Ruined The Magic

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28 Movie And TV Mistakes That Ruined The Magic

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Let’s start with a classic example. The Game Of Thrones I left this coffee cup in one shot.

Let’s take a closer look.


When Ron’s stunt double was very noticeable on the chess scene Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone:

This was Ron’s second early.

And there is “Ron” on the verge of sacrificing himself.


McGonagall’s Blackboard back in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets:

This is especially strange to me. That’s because the other blackboards look the right way in wide shots, so it’s not like the editor mirrored the image. The blackboard above is actually upside down.


When the cameraman appeared in this picture moon night scene:


And in the next episode, if you see the crew’s legs in this scene:


When a crew member looks alike in a scene Mandalorian:

Let’s take a closer look.


when weird friday Used a much older stunt double for the kid this tik tok caught:

Let’s take a closer look, since this isn’t *certainly* a child. This person has wrinkles:


when friends I used a Rachel stand-in that didn’t wear the same shirt.

Here’s the shirt Rachel was wearing a while ago.

And here’s the stance again (the hair is darker too).


And when they used it for Monica:


A flight attendant wearing a baseball cap copy walk behind this strong heart launch:

Here’s a closer, but very blurry look:


When Vito moved the room godfather and Marlon Brando grabbed my hand So he moved the door quickly, despite his personality being unconscious.

Let’s take a closer look.


and when additionally turned on gossip girl caught When wearing only one shoe:

Let’s take a closer look.


When it comes to shoes… Haley’s shoes keep switching Between sneakers and heels in Wannabe Dance One Tree Hill:


when you can look briefly David Prowse’s face in a Darth Vader helmet Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope:


Similarly, a person driving a car in this state knife out the gun absolutely not Ana de Armas:


When Cassie took the stage while Lexie was playing euphoria And the camera pans to the audience…exhibition Cassie and Nate still seated:


And when Suzy, who was with me on stage, could also be seen from the audience:


time could see A blood device on Jesper Christensen’s knee just before being shot Casino Royale:

You’ll also notice after a while when you can see how thick his knees are than expected.


time could see Cameraman reflected in Wanda’s spoon at the beginning Captain America: Civil War:

Let’s take a closer look.


when you can see the crew gladiator:


and what kind of tank seemed Below the cart powered by this horse:


Inside when Gaston said “Bell is mine!” The beauty and the beastExcept his lips uttered no words…they were saying “time to die”:


Ben’s hair change From the last minute of the season 2 finale Umbrella Academy As a continuation of those moments in season 3:


And the last time Aria was “on the phone” upside down In ~ Pretty Little Liars:

Here’s a closer look where you can see her phone camera, which should be on the other side.

What other mistakes in TV and movies are always bothering you? Let me know in the comments!

That had been a total discussion about 28 Movie And TV Mistakes That Ruined The Magic that one could read in depth as well as in complete. Hopefully this article will help loyal DailyBuzzer.net readers in order to better comprehend and know in full.

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