15 Celebs On The Racism They Faced In Hollywood

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15 Celebs On The Racism They Faced In Hollywood

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It’s no secret that racism lives on in Hollywood. There has been a demand for diversity in recent years, but there is still a long way to go. So, here are 15 celebrities who have disclosed about the racism they faced during their careers.

in an interview in 2020 entertainment tonightTia said, “So, sister. [Tamera] And I wanted to do this very popular cover. [teenage] magazine at the time. We were told we couldn’t do magazine covers because we were black, and we said we wouldn’t sell them.”

during 2018 vulture In an interview, the actor said he didn’t know she was offered the role of Eve. killing eve Because of internalized racism. “When I got the script killing eve, I remember walking around in Brooklyn and talking on the phone with agent Nancy. I was scrolling down the script quickly and can’t really tell what I was looking for. So I was like, ‘So, Nancy, I don’t get it, what’s that part?’ And Nancy said, ‘Baby, Eve. Eve,’ he says.”

“How does racism define your work? Oh my gosh, I didn’t even think when I suggested that I would be one of the central storytellers. Why? And this is what I’m talking about. Is that right? In a certain way for decades. When you get things done, you’re like, ‘Oh my God, they brainwashed me!’ I was brainwashed! So it was a revelation to me.”

in an interview in 2019 Ellewhen the actor recalled office It was nominated for an Emmy. Her television academy told her that there were so many producers on her show that she, a servant of color, would be taken off her list. In order to be included, she said, “I had no other producers write me in full form and an essay about every contribution I made as a writer and producer.”

After the interview, the academy announced name “No one was chosen.” In response, Mindy tweeted that she was “the most junior and the woman of color.”

Unfortunately, the academy’s remarks are meaningless. I was *chosen*. There were other Office writers-performers-producers not excluded from the list. only me. Youngest woman of color. Easiest to turn off. just tell me https://t.co/frT2pQUfLF

Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images for Hulu / Mindy Kaling / Twitter: @mindykaling

actor in 2016 said The New York Times for her first audition as a teenager. She recalled being asked to hear more Latino sounds. “I had no idea what she was talking about. ‘You mean you want me to speak Spanish?’ She says, ‘No, speak English but sound Latin.’ I didn’t realize later that she had told me to speak English with the wrong accent. ‘I’m Latino, isn’t this Latino?’ I was confused because I thought.”

She also said her former manager didn’t even trust her. “I just won. [a top award at Sundance]and [my manager] I wanted to audition for a latino chubby girl in a pilot. She wasn’t even the main character. She was just an assistant making the same jokes in every scene. I said, ‘I’m not going for it.’ When I finally left him he [told] Another of my reps said, ‘Someone has to tell the girl that she has unrealistic ideas that she can achieve in this industry.’ He’s the one who paid to represent me.”

In 2020, the actor filed a lawsuit. Discrimination Complaints Against NBC and the producers America’s Got Talent. Diversity Gabrielle reported that she received “excessive notes” about her looks, including that her hairstyle was “too black” for the show.

Gabrielle spoke about her experience. AGT many times. during an interview with Diversity, she recalled Jay Leno making a racist joke as a guest judge. “It was Jay Leno who gave me the first big interview in this industry and the first talk show he allowed me to do. I always appreciated him, but I wasn’t ready for his jokes.. Something else had already happened, but at this point It was so racist.”

“You can’t edit what we just experienced. There’s no edit button in my brain or my soul. I’ve experienced this kind of racism at my workplace and I’ve never done anything about it, no discipline, no company-wide racism. Does the email also remind me of what is appropriate at work?” she concluded

When news broke that the actor was going to appear as the male lead, Crazy Rich Asian, he has met with backlash from people claiming that he is not “Asian enough”. he said bustle“Just because I’m not fully Asian doesn’t mean I can’t claim to be Asian. And I relate a lot more to my Asian side.”

In 2016 she said The New York Times, “A certain white male casting director dictated the meaning of Latin. He decided I needed an accent. He decided I had to. [have] darker skin color. Gatekeepers aren’t usually of color, so they don’t understand that they have to find more rainbow colors within an ethnic group.”

World Women’s in 2018 eventThe actor said, “I won an Oscar, I got an Emmy, I got two Tonys, I did Broadway, I did off-Broadway, I did TV, I watched the movie. I did it all. I did it all. I was Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, I have a career comparable to Sigourney Weaver. They’re all from Yale, from Juilliard, from NYU. They went the same way as me, but I’m not close to them, not far from them, not far from them, not far from job opportunities. nor does it.”

Actor in 2019 said The San Francisco Chronicle said, “People say, ‘Why don’t they give real Indians this role?’ I wonder what that means? The only way I can communicate with my grandparents is in Gujarati. Does that make it realistic enough or am I just witnessing moments of prejudice and racism passing through the airport? Is that all?”

In 2015 she said When she was growing up, The Telegraph said she had rarely seen Asian actors on screen. “Certainly there is still a lot of room for improvement. I’ve been lucky in my career, but yes, I’ve been told several times that the audition was canceled because it was only for white people.”

In an interview in 2018 bustleActors “I use a program called Breakdown Services when a casting director finds out the actors, producers, directors, and character descriptions for each character they name their projects. And at the end they always say ‘Latina. Black. White.’ Growing up, that list was so specific that even if the role sounds perfect to you, you couldn’t get in if you said you were white.”

in an interview in 2020 Sydney Morning Herald, the actress reflected the difficulties she faced early in her career. She said, “I guess I was so naive that I didn’t know what was going to happen or what I was going to face. When I went to LA, I had a thought, because my friend would be auditioning 10 times a day.” Or a week, and I would have it two or three times a month, so I knew it would be a lot more restrictive for me.”

In 2019 she said: Diversity“Everyone tried to put me on the roster, but in reality they didn’t make any promises to me because I didn’t know how many auditions I would be able to audition. From the start, the challenge was just variety, and ‘we really know what to do with you’, ‘you There won’t be much to do for you.’”

After rumors spread that the actor would be the next James Bond, he faced a huge backlash. In 2019 he said: vanity fair“It just upsets me to say ‘no’ from a generational standpoint. And it actually turned out to be my skin color. And if I got it and it didn’t work or it worked, is it because of my skin color? It’s a difficult position to put down. I myself when I don’t need it.”

in an interview in 2019 teen fashionThe actor said he did not audition. Crazy Rich Asian. “Their reason was that my image wasn’t basically Asian, in a word, it broke my heart. , aren’t you going to let me play this particular role?’ I thought, ‘Where do you fit in?’”


And finally, Halle Bailey

After the announcement that Harley would be starring in a live-action film The Little Mermaid, the troll has been vocal about his anger on social media. Backlash against Black Ariel resurfaced after the trailer was released earlier this month.

during an interview with Diversity, Halle said the backlash was aching. She visited her grandparents to hear their stories of overcoming racism and discrimination. “It was inspiring and beautiful to hear the encouraging words, ‘You don’t understand what this is doing for us, our community, and for all the black and brunette girls you’ll see in the future.’”

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