15 Actors Who Played High Schoolers As Adults

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15 Actors Who Played High Schoolers As Adults

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Hollywood has been casting adults to play teenagers since the beginning. Some of these actors fit the bill, but some seemed grossly inadequate for their roles, especially when compared to their *really* looks in high school.


The late Olivia Newton-John was 10 years older than high school student Sandy. maintain movie.

This is what Olivia Newton-John (left) actually looked like when she was 18, circa 1966.


Leonardo DiCaprio catch it if you can when he was 28 Of course, that could be attributed to his charming “baby face” at the time.

Leo never saw his age, even as a teenager. He was 17 years old.


At 26, Minka Kelly starred as 16-year-old Lyla Garrity. friday night lights.

Here’s a video montage that Kelly posted after reuniting with one of her high school best friends. This clip features several nostalgic photos of the two of them as teenagers.


Ross Butler played 17-year-old Zach Dempsey. 13 reasons when he was 26 years old. He also briefly played Teenage Reggie Mantle. riverdale Before Charles Melton took over the role of season 2.


Troian Bellisario was 24 while playing 16-year-old Spencer. Pretty Little Liars.

And this was a Troian in her early teens proudly showing off her science contest trophy.


This is what Cole Sprouse saw while playing teenage Jughead Jones. riverdale.

…and this is what Cole Sprouse looked like as a teenager. fascinating stuff.


Lucy Hale wasn’t much older than her. Pretty Little Liars Character. She was 20 when she played 16-year-old Arya.

This was Hale when she was actually in high school.


Bianca Lawson was 31(!) while playing Maya at 16. Pretty Little Liars.

Bianca spent her real teenage years appearing in shows such as: Lived by the bells and sister, sister.


Ben Platt, 27, sadly didn’t get accepted as a convincing high school student. Dear Evan Hansen movie.

This was the real face of his late teens.


Ashley Benson was no older than 16-year-old Hanna during filming. Pretty Little Liars, she was still an adult playing a teenager. She was 20 when she was cast in the popular series.

Here’s what Benson looked like when he was the same age as Hanna.


Young Gabriel Union escaped at the age of 26 playing the role of high school cheerleader Isis. Import.

This was Gabrielle from her real school days. She was an athlete in every way.


You can never guess it, but Asa Butterfield was 24 when he started playing 17-year-old Otis. Sex Education. His boyish appearance definitely favors him.

This was 16-year-old Asa Butterfield. Not much has changed.


Ryan Phillippe was 25 when he appeared in high school in 1999. cruel intent.

And this is how Ryan Phillippe looks at 18. A little more pure and a little more charming, but he’s always been a good-looking guy.


As the title suggests, some characters are that much vampire’s diary They are… vampires. In other words, Paul Wesley’s Stefan Salvatore was 27 when the actor was cast, but is said to be 18 forever.

This is a picture of Wesley as a teenager.


Nina Dobrev was 20 when she was cast for the role of 17-year-old Elena Gilbert. vampire diaries.

It was Dobrev as a teenager just two years before joining. TVD.

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