14 Iconic Responses Famous Women Gave To Interviewers

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14 Iconic Responses Famous Women Gave To Interviewers

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Celebrities answer hundreds or thousands of interview questions throughout their careers. Some questions are insightful and thought-provoking, while others are, well, pretty ridiculous.

The number of silly questions seems to be more for celebrity women. They are often asked directly in cash about their bodies, their dating lives, and other things other than a journalist’s job.

Here are 14 iconic answers from famous women to outrageous questions.


After asking Anne Hathaway if she should be in “perfect” shape that much Dark Knight Risesthis additional The interviewer started asking questions about her diet and exercise plan.

In response, Anne turned it to him.

View full interview:


As Rihanna was promoting a new men’s perfume, a red carpet reporter asked her, “What do you want from a man right now?” And Rihanna replied:

You can see the full moment here.


After Serena Williams won the US Open tennis match, a reporter asked her why she wasn’t smiling.

So she gave him an honest answer.

View the full exchange here:


When Ariana Grande visited the Power 106 FM, they asked her the following questions: maybe I wouldn’t have asked the man.

So she called them.

Here is the perfect moment.


When Oprah asked Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to shed light on rumors that they had an eating disorder, Ashley had a sensible answer.

Here is the full interview. This moment starts at 18 minutes.


Keira Knightley blocked reporters from asking her, “How do you balance your career and personal life?”

The full exchange is:


when entertainment tonight The reporter told Taylor Swift that she would walk home with “many men.” She handled it in a very taylor way.

View full interview:


Katherine Hepburn, famous for disappointing women at the time by wearing only pants, was quick to respond when Barbara Walters asked her, “Have you ever worn a skirt?”


When Ellen asked Celine Dion when she would cut her son’s long hair, the singer called her in and offered a friendly explanation.

View full interview:


When Ellen asked Dakota Johnson, “How was the party? I wasn’t invited,” she lied and called her.

Here’s the full interview:


while playing the game shake in the morningLauren Conrad turned an inappropriate question into one word.

Here’s the full interview, with the “Question Sack” part starting at 5:15.


When Jane Fonda appeared on Megyn Kelly’s show for a promotion our souls at nightThe host is very off topic.

Jane called her and led the conversation back to the movie.


While promoting the Avengers, Scarlett Johansson said: additional Ask her, “Could you wear underwear? [as Black Widow]?”

Watch the full clip here.


and finally, while Avenger’s At the press conference, the reporter asked Robert Downey Jr. about his character and Scarlett about her diet.

She said reporters were treated unfairly compared to male performers.

Here is the full press conference with this exchange going on at 2:58.

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