13 Celeb Controversial Parenting Methods

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13 Celeb Controversial Parenting Methods

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All parents raise their children differently, and when people deviate from “traditional” parenting practices, they often get negative reactions from people. Celebrity parents know better than this. Here are some notable people who have met with backlash after publicly sharing their “alternative” parenting techniques:


Julia Fox has recently sparked controversy with her remarks about raising children. She shared the theory on TikTok that the concept of “childhood” was invented as a way for parents to get their children to buy things they don’t need, like toys.

“You’re not teaching a child anything, you’re raising a child who is helpless and doesn’t know what to do,” she said. She said her 19-month-old son Valentino is not at all interested in her toys and is more interested in the day-to-day tasks she does. She even showed off a mini cleaning set she received for her son.

“I recommend that everyone buy their kids a little mop and broom and start teaching them life skills at a very young age, so that when kids get into the real world they don’t have to outsource everything, and they learn how to do things on their own,” Julia said. know.”


In a 2015 blog post, Pamela Anderson said: wrote She said she wanted her two teenage sons to “have safe sex, drink in moderation, experiment with drugs and find true love.”

when asked “I really believe in children,” she said of her parenting style. My kids have a great foundation and see the world,” she added, “they made a great choice. They are really smart people. I’m not afraid of my kids surfing the internet. I think they are making the right decision. And you can’t deny what life has to offer. I don’t know how role models their parents are, but we had a lot of fun.”


Christine Bell share In 2018, her youngest daughter decided to stop sleeping, so she and her husband Dax Shepard locked her then-three-year-old daughter, Delta, in a room until exhausted.

Christine admit, “sorry. I know it’s debatable. But we… Stand outside and say, ‘We love you. We’ll talk to you in the morning, but now it’s bedtime.’ And after about ten minutes, she will calm herself down.”

she clearly The door will be opened after the child is asleep.


March 2021 Alicia Silverstone posting In a video on her website, Kind Life, she pre-chews food and her 10-month-old son, Bear, ate the food directly from his mouth. She has met with backlash from those concerned about whether the practice is sanitary.

Alicia Explanation“It’s part of the baby food process. So while I’m still breastfeeding, this is just a way to introduce food to him when he has no teeth … he can’t chew.”

she said She started doing this when he was 5 months old. “When I’m eating, he’ll come up to me with his little mouth open and try to get food out of my mouth.”


Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher in 2017 share They started the tradition of not giving gifts to children at Christmas.

Mila Explanation How spoiled their children in the past with gifts they received from their grandparents is why they started this new tradition.

Mila said“last year [2016] Wyatt was two years old when we celebrated Christmas and there were so many. We didn’t give her anything. It was my grandparents. A child no longer appreciates a single gift. They don’t even know what to expect. They are just expecting something.”

she Add, “We tell our parents, ‘We implore you. If you have to give her something of her, choose her one gift. Otherwise, you would like to make a charitable donation to a children’s hospital or pet. [or] Anything you want.’ That is our new tradition.”


In 2021, Ashton and Mila came back after Dax Shepard and Monica Padman’s podcast revealed that they bathe children with soap only when they see dirt.

Mila said she didn’t shower often because there was no hot water when she was young. But she said, “Even when I had kids, I didn’t wash every day. I wasn’t a parent to bathe newborns.”

Ashton added, “Now there’s a problem. If you see dirt, clean it. Otherwise, it doesn’t make any sense.”


Lisa Welzel Promotion Disciplining the children using hot sauce, she admits to doing so herself. When her children did not respond to other disciplinary measures, she put a little hot sauce on her fingers and then put her finger on the child’s tongue.

“It’s a tingling and the memory stays with them so the next time you actually have the self-control you can stop before you lie or bite.” Lisa said. Explanation. She added that she would never do that if she could do lasting damage.


in her book, kind mother, Alicia Silverstone wrote that she started potty training her son Bear at six months of age.

Alicia used the following tactics: remove communication This is how parents use their baby’s cues to help them know when to poop and help them use the bathroom.

“It tells you when to go to the bathroom, much like a baby says he’s eating or tired,” Silverstone says. Explanation.

“They give you clues, but we ignore them. If you pay attention, it actually has a pause button and gives you plenty of time to get to a place you can comfortably move around. surprising.”


in 2012 interview with in style, Gwenyth Paltrow said he only allows his children to watch Spanish or French TV shows. She said, “When I’m in France [Boulevard] Buy Beaumarchais and all the manga,” she said.


In 2014, Mayim Bialik said She refuses to give the children medicine or antibiotics when they are sick.

“With our two sons between the ages of 6 and 3.5, we have dealt with almost every ailment, illness, and flu. However, none of our sons have ever taken antibiotics, nor do they take antibiotics. Tylenol, Motrin, antihistamines or cough drops. continued“I’ve learned from talking to other mothers that almost everything I have at home and on my mind right now is enough to handle most everything. I’m not claiming to be negligent.”

In 2015, she made it clear in a tweet that she was not anti-vaccine and that her children were being vaccinated.

Dispelling rumors about my stance on vaccines. I am not anti My children were vaccinated. Too much anger and hysteria. I hope this gets resolved.

Twitter: @missmayim


to CBS Sunday morning 2021, Penelope Cruz share She does not allow her two children (8 and 10 at the time) to have a cell phone or use social media.

“I really know it protects my mental health, but I feel like I’m part of a minority,” Penelope said. said. “I feel really sorry for the teenagers now. almost done [as] If the world were doing some kind of experiment on them. ‘Oh, let’s see what happens if we expose that skill to a 12-year-old.’”

she continued“There is still no protection for the developing brain and the way it sees itself, everything that has to do with bullying, and a lot of things other than the childhood we had.”

Penelope said She says her kids sometimes let them watch movies and cartoons, but they won’t be able to have a phone until they’re much older and won’t be allowed on social media until at least 16.


In a 2018 radio interview, Kelly Clarkson said: admit She hit three and one-year-olds at the time.

“My parents beat me and I’ve had a good life and I feel good about it, and so do I,” Clarkson said. said. “It’s tricky, because when people are out in public, people think it’s wrong, but there’s nothing wrong with spanking.”

Clarkson said She warned her then-three-year-old daughter, River Rose, of beating her. She said, “I’m like, ‘Hey, I’m going to slap her in the ass if you don’t stop right now, this is nonsense’, which honestly helps a lot. She doesn’t do that very often.”


And finally Madonna once in newsweek How strict she is about keeping children’s rooms tidy.

Madonna said If she finds dirty clothes on the floor of Lourdes, she must take all her clothes and get them back by having Lourdes tidy. “I wear the same clothes to school every day until I learn her class,” she said.

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